Call for submitions

For its 9th edition, the team of the Sciences Po Prize for Contemporary Art invites young artists to submit their works inspired by this year’s theme “Indifference”.

Indifference can be associated with uncertainty, ignorance or a lingering feeling of powerlessness when confronted to society’s disarray. It suggests a lack of attention, of understanding or empathy for others. It allows us to stay away from any political manipulation of art. Indifference can express itself within an artist’s work. Since the 60’s, many artists have developed an aesthetic centred around what brings people together, not apart.

What can art do to remedy to this fragmentation of social cohesion? Can a meaningful connection between the artist and their audiences be made around the artist’s creation and can this lead to a fruitful dialogue on how to alleviate society’s gradual disaffection? Inspired by the idea of “Indifference”, this year’s Sciences Po Prize invites artists from every nationality, introduced by a curator, to consider our relationship to those around us, our own reality and our shared emotions, as well as the possibilities art can offer.